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Disclaimer team offers schematic designs and projects which are tested either on software or hardware. However, in any case, team or any publisher is not responsible for any kind of damage or loss. Users are advised to design and develop projects under the supervision of experienced personals with proper safety equipment.

Information Collected uses user information only with the intentions of communication and enhancing user experience. does not share any user information except in case of legal matters if any law enforcement agencies request providence of information.


In order to improve user experience, we detect and block spam by collecting and analyzing visitor’s IP and browser user agent.  In some cases, the user profiles are linked to external accounts linked with Gravatar which aids in displaying user profile image on comments.


If you comment in any section of your name, email address and website might be saved in cookies which helps in autofill data when you want to comment again. These cookies will remain saved for one year. Cookies used by this site are used only with the intentions of communication and enhancing user experience